Could Eating Sea Food Improve Sex Lives?
Could Eating Sea Food Improve Sex Lives?
May 31, 2018
Signs Of Sexual Dysfunction In Women
3 Signs Of Sexual Dysfunction In Women
June 7, 2018

Effect Of Sexual Dysfunction On Women

Sexual Dysfunction On Women

Women experience sexual dysfunction issues at some stage of the life. The two major causes of sexual dysfunction in women can be physical or psychological issues. Sexual intercourse includes a complex interplay of physiology, beliefs, experiences, emotions, lifestyle and relationships.  Disruption of any component can affect your sexual life and can lead to sexual dysfunction in you the sexual issue can occur at any age and can be for the lifetime.

How does sexual dysfunction affect women?

The most common problems that women may face due to sexual dysfunction include:

  • Sexual arousal disorder. Your desire for sex might be intact, but you might feel difficulty in getting or maintaining an arousal during sexual activity. This inability is related to anxiety or inadequate stimulation.
  • Sexual pain disorder. You feel pain in vagina during sexual intercourse. You may feel pain due to various reasons such as poor lubrication, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, or sexually transmitted disease etc.
  • Low sexual desire. It is one of the most common of female sexual dysfunctions. It involves a lack of sexual desire and willingness to have sexual intercourse. The various factors that contribute to lack of sex desire are depression, chemotherapy, pregnancy, and fatigue etc.
  • Orgasmic disorder (anorgasmia). You persistently feel difficulty in achieving climax. It can be due to woman’s inexperience, sexual inhibition, and psychological factors such as guilt, anxiety, or a past sexual trauma or abuse. Other factors that contribute to this type of sexual dysfunctionality are insufficient stimulation, certain medications, and chronic diseases.

How Is Female Sexual Dysfunction Diagnosed?

Your doctor may thoroughly evaluate your symptoms and will run some physical exams to find out the sexual dysfunction issue. Your doctor may do a Pap smear test to check for check for cancer or a pre-cancerous condition or pelvic exam to evaluate the health of the reproductive organs.

Is Female Sexual Dysfunction Curable?

The success of treatment for female sexual dysfunction depends on the underlying cause of the problem. However, mild dysfunction that arises due to stress, fear, or anxiety often can be treated with proper education and counseling. The most important thing to treat mild sexual issues is proper communication between partners. The partners that communicate properly have lesser risk of sexual issues.

Moreover, women can take Addyi to treat sexual dysfunction issues. You need to remember that Addyi is different from Viagra. Viagra is used to treat Ed issues in men. However, if a woman takes generic Viagra to treat ED, it can raise the risk of various side effects such as dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and headache etc.

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