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April 16, 2018
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April 23, 2018

Does Sildenafil Causes Heart Diseases?

Does Sildenafil causes heart diseases

The main active ingredient in Viagra is Sildenafil citrate. It is the first PDE5 inhibitor that is heavily marketed as the go to medication to treat ED. There have been many reports and news about Sildenafil causing heart conditions or have severe cardiovascular side-effects. Most of the reports are baseless. In fact, sildenafil is prescribed by doctors to treat some heart conditions. The bad rep that it gets is due to people using the drug incorrectly by taking them with nitrates based medications.

Taking Sildenafil with nitro compounds can result in an acute fall of blood pressure. The situation can be worse if the oxygen intake is increased (for example, during sexual intercourse). If Viagra is taken as per the guidelines, it isn’t harmful.

Why it is also used as a treatment for heart conditions?

Sildenafil was originally tested for angina pectoris. It is a kind of chest pain linked with coronary heart disease. Viagra (sildenafil) effected the blood vessels by widening them, resulting in better blood flow, thus treating the disease. It was prescribed by physicians as an anti-angina drug. However, people started reporting an unexpected side-effect of the drug. They were experiencing long lasting erections. This finding shifted the focus of the drug from being a heart medicine to an ED medication.

During the initial years, after it got approved, Viagra revolutionized the sex culture in the US. It improved the sex lives of millions of people and became one of the most talked about drug in the world. It set a record of over 1.8 billion pills being taken by about 35 million people within the first few years of launch. The number has grown exponentially since then.

Studies conducted to rule out Sildenafil as a cause for heart diseases

With the overnight success and exponential growth in the market value of Viagra, it instantly became a target for other medications and companies. Isolated reports of deaths due to cardiovascular events resulted in sudden backlashing over the drug. This prompted an extensive research conducted by many reputed organizations. Studies were conducted with placebo-controlled clinical trials. The results showed that “myocardial infarction” (the leading death cause linked with Sildenafil at that time) and all-cause mortality rates were similar to placebo. The studies ruled out Sildenafil as a contributor to heart conditions.


From our extensive research, we conclude that there isn’t any direct connection between Sildenafil and deaths related to heart conditions. In fact, it is prescribed for many heart related diseases. However, we would recommend you to consult your doctor if you suffer from any pre-existing heart condition, before you take Sildenafil (Viagra).

You can get Sildenafil from any Pharmacy in the US. It is widely available. Currently, its generic version is also been made available in the US. You can get a good discount on the pricing by using a Sildenafil coupon or a Sildenafil discount card.

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