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Welcome to the Sildenafil Card Blog. Your one-stop website for all the latest drug industry news, research and studies related to Sildenafil or its brand alternatives known as Viagra & Revatio. We regularly update informative how-to blogs and provide health tips and guidelines. We also review various Sildenafil discount cards to help you choose the right card as per your needs.

What is Sildenafil?

It is a medication that is prescribed by doctors to treat erectile dysfunction issues. It comes in various doses like 25 mg, 50mg, and 100mg. The brand version of Sildenafil is called Viagra, and it usually costs around $60-$70 per tablet. The prices of the medicine vary from location to location and also depends on the version of drug. For example, the brand version of the drug costs more as compared to the generic version of the drug. But overall, it is still an expensive medication. There are Sildenafil cards available online .

What is a Sildenafil card?

This is similar to free prescription discount cards where you can download a card, print it and take it to a participating pharmacy and get discount on prescription medications. These cards allow you to get discount on prescription medication without sharing any personal information. Anyone in the US can use this card from your family to your friends and neighbours. These kind of cards should not be confused with insurance. You can learn more about Sildenafil discount cards here.

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